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Android 2020

Talking about the 2020 android market or android buying process. As we all know that in this year 2020 we faced the virus circumstances which shattered the world’s economy and world’s population in just no time. And even WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION declared this virus as a pandemic globally. This Corona virus shattered out all economical cycles not only of single company but of dozen’s of multinational companies. Android sale too got stopped for a while, Because everywhere lock down was the only key to be safe from this corona virus. Every thing got shut down officially which affected so many business companies. People were at there homes doing all there official work online. But maximum of them were busy in there phones as because not every buddy can afford laptop computer’s or desktop computer’s, So the rest were busy in touch with there job or business online. Here also android plays up an important role in humans life. To do the work from Home in this lockdown.

Mobile Operating System (Market Share)

As we all know that Android has made his way all over countries and giving best features in the cheapest price rates. According to the graph if we calculate the market share of MOS (Mobile Operating System) from June 2018 to April 2020 Android is the highest in the graph leaving behind IOS, and Samsung, As has given all the necessary needs in its cheapest phones which other phones gives a bit on a high pricing. This is what makes the Android the best amongst all.

Here are the figures of MOS graph

Android – 70.68 %

IOS – 28.79

Samsung – 0.17%

These all are worldwide Market share which proves that android is achieving heights in upcoming future and making more and more customers get stick to it.

Here is the graph of MOS

Effects Of Covid-19 On Android Sale

Every body is familiar to the world’s pandemic disease so named as Covid-19 (Corona Virus). This disease not only destroyed the businesses but also destroyed so many families. As Android sale too got affected due to this but if be talk regarding the competitors out there in the market telecom sector than Android still is not yet gone or dispatched. As i have all ready cleared in the above mentioned graph that how Android is leading since from last may 2019. The same way it will go on rising up and up to reach the best ever target in the market itself. Android 2020 is the new challenge to the Android market to give peoples something more advanced than from the last year and yeah they will give definatly. Androids are the only one out there who provide each essential advanced feature in there product either a cell phone or may be the Android Television, Android tablet.

On an average every year Android gets pretty good reviews on there products either cell phones, android televisions or android tablets. It not only covers all features in less price but also gives latest updates time after time. Which can help public to know more about advanced features and advanced world. Smart phones have changed the living standards of the human beings. All humans can see or can talk to one other sitting thousands of miles away in different countries. What makes them connected is smart world of smart phones. Anyone can have the full knowledge of worldwide spreading news trending activities just by relaxing on chair or enjoying coffee. This is what makes each one of us connected and make our life style pretty well and advanced.

The Best In Features

Android 2020 is going to be a little more advanced than the previous year. In 2020 more and more the latest android products will be launched worldwide . Which will be loved by the public the most. If we talk about cell phones than they will come with more and more technical program with slim design and improved camera qualities. Also, the cell phones will give different different color themes which will be perfect for reading or may be writing. Each one of android product will be improved and satisfied.


Reaching Best Qualities

Androids are trying to reach there best ever qualities amongst all the competitors out there that too in the cheapest prize and as a result they run a maximum platform of sale all around the world. Android is going to break all its records of sale as the way it is going in market it is the only cell phones which provides maximum of the advanced features and good camera qualities

When a device goes from just working to actually making life easier, Android is behind it. It’s the reason that your GPS avoids traffic, your watch can text and your Assistant can answer questions.

It’s the operating system inside 2.5 billion active devices. From 5G phones to stunning tablets, Android powers them all. Android is open to everyone. It can help you translate languages in an instant. You can use your camera to search the web. Which helps you to live a wonderful life in any country you go weither you are familiar with the language of that particular country. Android too also allows an automatically caption media playing on your phone. Your phones stay safe here and works 24/7 day and night giving you full kind of services which makes your life style much and much more easy.

Phones And Tablets

Android gives access to both android phones as well as to android tablets. These provide cameras that captures any shot.

Android powers some of the world’s top cameras. So when the action speeds up or the lights go down low, you always get that perfect shot. This is pretty good rather than spending money on DSLR one must buy smart phone to access all the services he wants with the perfect camera shot. Some times you need a bigger screen ? A bigger screen to watch a show or to watch a football match the way it was intended. Go with Android tablets that allows you to go through a bigger screen and and best pixels ever. Android tablet provides you a much bigger screen than an android phone to enjoy any of your favorite show or match on a bit bigger screen. It to have the same processor the processor android phones have the only difference is of screens the screen of an android is a bit short. And as of tablet pretty big one. Androids are secure and pretty up to date. An Android keeps you up to date and informs you what all goes around the other phase of world just within seconds. It too provides you with all new speed boosters in it which helps your phone to boost speed every after a day or two. This enhances the speed of your mobile phone and makes it more and more useful. Android is the single pack of inbuilt features which allows you to be happy gives you entertainment. Helps you enhancing your knowledge and much more things. Androids helps world to be smarter and More knowledgeable. If you are switching to change up your phone than the best advice is to go for Android smart phone.

It Makes Your Business Easy

If one is running his own business. He/she can run his business platform on androids as it makes the best of amongst all. It helps keeps your data safe and secure for long term. It does notify you all ways when you seee something wrong going on into your work or business. Android is also baked up by google. Google safe all important photographs or data on itself and makes our data or important images be more safe and much secured on itself.

It does protect data from end to end and keep us be safe and secure on our android system.

Android enterprise-grade security features work together to prevent leaks and phishing, block malware and make sure that enterprise data isn’t lost. So it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Android enterprise grade features and expertise. Every device on the list meets strict requirements for hardware and software. And every partner we work with is trained and supported by Google. Android itself is the best amongst all others out there. It makes your business run on a smooth platform and also allows your business run up from home from hands sitting and enjoying coffee. It is advanced by all the features in it and have the capability to work for long run. Android provides the best ever battery backup to its customers. In compared to the rest of market competitors. No other cell phones have that much battery life of the highest battery MAH power the much android smartphones have it allows us to work for long run without any difficulty faced.

Androids plays up a very important role in this world. It makes us connected and happy throughout the day or month or may be year. That’s why It is BEST AMONGST ALL.


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  1. Jason says:

    An excellent article. Very interesting and informative, especially during these times. But, in complete transparency, I am Apple through and through. The seamlessness of all I do within the Apple ecosystem is the most important aspect of my choice. And, as for market share, it looks good for android on paper, but the truth behind the numbers is key! Cheaper quality means a cheaper product. Cheaper product means available to more people. It truly is that simple. 

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