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IPhone have been their in the market for so long. And they have really made their customers satisfied in every possible way they can. This is how apple cell phones deals started. Apple started its smartphone carrier in 2007 by launching its first I phone which was original iPhone. This iPhone started the smartphone carrier of apple. And this way the apple kept on launching its iPhone till date. By launching its various featured iPhone they made their apple cell phones deals. So today lets talk about their journey of iPhone.

Beginning Of Apple iPhone (original iPhone)


Apple introduced / launched its first iPhone in 2007 with name original iPhone with 4GB flash memory. This is the iPhone which started the biggest revolution in smartphones. No doubt their were phone with buttons but this iPhone started the revolution like it came with the all new smart and smooth touch screen feature. The unique thing of this iPhone was that it was never launched in India.

IPhone 3G


This iPhone 3G was the first to has the GPS in it. Which helped users to located from different countries and different places. And this was the first ever iPhone which was launched in India. As because apple did his partnership with Indias biggest telecom companies One airtel and other one the vodafone. And these two companies brought apple to India. And this is how the journey of apple begins in India.

IPhone 3Gs


Apple iPhone 3Gs was launched straight after iPhone 3G. There was a year gap in launching the iPhone 3Gs. This iPhone was mostly similar to the iPhone 3G in look wise and design wise. The touch speed and processor was improved from the iPhone 3G. Even their was 3MP camera in this iPhone which allowed users to click photographs. And this was the first iPhone to record a video. Also, this iPhone was an introduction for the s series in Apple.

IPhone 4

IPhone 4 was a bigger in update from the rest of the iPhone launched before it. In this iPhone their was a front facing camera into it. Which allowed the users to take selfies and their own front facing pics. Also, this iPhone have a retina display of apple. This iPhone made users to give them perfect display in those times.

IPhone 4s


Then comes the iPhone 4s. Which was with the feature of siri into it. Siri is the voice assistant of apple which allows users to give command to the iPhone by speaking and the cellphone works accordingly after hearing the voice command. Also, this was the first ever iPhone to has the dual core processor in it. Its camera was also upgraded / improved to 8 MP. Which can record a video nicely. Along with this I message was also introduced in the market.

IPhone 5


IPhone 5 was a big major change to the big screen display of about 4 inch and along with which it also came up with the feature of lightning connector. Lightning connector is the charging point or charging type lead which comes with iPhone nowadays. This iPhone was the first to use lightning connector into it. And till date these lightning connectors are used by the latest iPhone too. This iPhone also came up with the LTE signal or network upgrade. Which means it has the access to 4G network.

IPhone 5s

This iPhone was introduced with the face I.d and finger print sensor. which helped in security wise of the cell phone. This was the first iPhone to start having a face I.d or fingerprint sensor. Which allows users to unlock their cell phone. Along with this their was 64 Bit processor in it. Which was actually an advanced version of iPhone 5.

IPhone 5c


This cellphone was also launched with the iPhone 5. This iPhone was with the plastic back and apple logo on it. This iPhone 5c was fully colorful. But the biggest thing of this iPhone was that it was cheaper than the iPhone 5 in prize. And the processor of it was the same as of iPhone 5. Almost was same but only the cost varies from plastic back I guess.

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus


These were the first iPhone to have a little bit of bigger screen displays from the previously launched iPhone. IPhone 6+ camera was advanced and also their batteries were bigger which means they can run for long hours. Also in these Cellphones their was a little bit of controversy regarding their bend issues, like if someone applies pressure on them, then it bends up.

IPhone 6s and 6s+


These were with the features of upgraded camera to 12 MP rear. And a 3D display touch screen. The 3D touch screen was firstly seen in this iPhone only. Also, it came up with the rose gold color. The rose gold color was also firstly seen in this iPhone itself.

IPhone 5E

This iPhone is same as of 5s. It does comes under iPhone 5s factor. Only the hardware was of 6s and camera was of 12 MP. But by the design of the body wise it was fully like iPhone 5s.

IPhone 7 and 7+

These iPhone were little bit similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s+ in design and look wise. But the things which were extra it them were hardware up gradation, Water resistance. And with these the home button was also changed to the static button. The most interesting thing about these iPhone are that, they do not has the earphone jack into them. And the amazing thing was it came up with the dual camera along with portrait mode into it. This portrait mode was the quite highlighting feature of these iPhone.

IPhone 8 and 8+

These iPhone were the same as 7 and 7+ in design and in look wise. Internally the hardware was a bit upgraded. And the major change in them was the glass back. Their back was of glass. Also, these both iPhone support G wireless charging. Which itself made a success to the apple and its users to help out in fastest charging. It was quite awesome.

IPhone X

This iPhone was actually launched along with the iPhone 8 and 8+. It was 10th anniversary iPhone of apple. This iPhone changed the full equation from home button to the screen notch. And instead of touch I.d their was face I.d in it. The iPhone definition actually changed after the iPhone x as because it was the first phone with no home button and a screen notch. It also has OLED display And also it was the First iPhone which cost around Rs 1 lakh in India,

IPhone Xs and Xs max

If we talk about the 10s then it has 5.8 inch display. Which was the same as in iPhone x. And in 10s max the screen display is of 6.4 inch. It also has OLED display, And same qualities of face I.d , internal hardware were upgraded in these iPhone. Multiple 2 phones were launched one as 10s and 10s max. Also apple launched the iPhone XR in the market in the same year. But comparatively it was quite low in price from 10s and 10s max. It has six different colors. And makes its sale more than the 10s and 10s max.

IPhone 11

iPhone 11 was the successor of iPhone 10R. It has dual cameras and wide angle less cameras were introduced the first time. Even one can click photographs using wide camera plus portrait. Also, the slow motion selfies concept came up with this only. But to keep this iPhone a bit cheaper this still uses LCD screens in it.

IPhone 11 and 11Pro max

These has the triple cameras setup. And wide angle photos with ultra wide angle photos. It is with multi angle face I.d their size was exactly like iPhone 10s. Along with a heavy battery and camera improvement. Also, the interesting thing about these are that the apple logo is a bit shifted to the downside.

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So these were the iPhone,s Apple has launched yet. And much more are to come with time. And This is how the apple journey in smartphones begins with the orginal iphone and how they covered there long way journey to ihone 11 pro max. Apple iphones have been my all time favourite in the market just only because they provide the perfect class service to there customers. And even they give good qulaity products, as in phones or may be in elctronics like computers etc. No doubt there products are costly but are the best in use and in look wise they are damm stunning. to know more visit

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  1. Iheanacho David says:

    This is a nice article especially for people like me who have been using iPhones for the past 4 years. I remember the first iPhone I used back then that was iPhone 5s it was really nice and the speed was excellent as at then. iPhones have come a long way. Right now I’m using an iPhone Xs and I have my eyes on iPhone 11 Pro max. Now I know a lot more about iPhones and how they grew starting from the first original iPhone. Excellent write up. 

  2. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie) says:

    Thank you for updating our knowledge about the evolutionary trends of the apple smartphone since 2007. No doubt the phone is a trailblazer in many respects. It is designed with superb hardware and software integration; as a result, it is faster than the other operating systems. I agree with you about their excellent customer service. I am actually considering navigating to using the iPhone because they have provided a simple way to exchange the old iPhone for a new one.

  3. Zay says:

    Hello, thats some great coverage of iPhones. Honestly speaking, I have been more of a Samsung person all along. But now I’m considering switching to apple and feel like iPhone 11 pro max is the best option. Of course the budget is high but definitely worth it. I hear the cameras give professional movie quality when you record a video.

  4. Philebur says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this beautiful content here with us. I really did find this review very fascinating as it contains the history of how iPhone’s has come a long way from the start until now. I started using iPhone 6 when it was released, ever since then i became a fan of Apple products. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. When it comes to me buying smartphones, I go for quality, and iPhone has been my preferred brand for ages due to its processing speed and camera quality. However, the features of iPhone X max is quite impressive, having one will be a perfect choice for me. Warm Regards

  6. Hollie Rose says:

    I have always been an iPhone person. My first one was the 5 and then 2 years ago I upgraded to the 7. My phone contract has just ended and for the last 2 months, I was debating between the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. My main reason for wanting the pro is because of the better camera. As someone who needs good images for my blog and my graphics, last night I made my decision and went for the Pro. It was a big decision because the price is not cheap. I just hope i don’t regret it!

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