Apple iPhone 7 Reviews

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Apple iPhone 7 Reviews

The iPhone 7 is designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. This Apple iPhone 7 was the 10th generation of iPhone. And was announced in September 2016 with Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The overall design of this iPhone 7 is all most similar to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 7 was a big success in up gradation as compared to 6s and iPhone 6. This iPhone 77 came up with damm good features in camera wise or may be in processor wise. Here are the reviews on Apple iPhone 7 Reviews.

Apple iPhone 7

What Is iPhone 7 ?

iPhone 7 is the 10th generation smartphone launched by Apple in the market after the launch of iPhone 6 and 6s. Apple iPhone 7 is 4.7 inch diagonal retina HD 3D touch capacitive touchscreen display and a home button with 1334 × 750 resolution of wide color, splash water and dust resistance.

This iPhone was an up gradation in hardware and its water resistance. It came into the market with the camera of 12 mp Primary and optical image stabilization along with quad – Led true flash and live photos, 4K video recording at 30 fps and slow motion video recording in 1080p at 120 fps. Also, the front camera is 4 mp with facative HD and ratina flash. With a non removal li-ion 1960mah battery which can provide a talk time up to 14 hours on a 3g network. Apple iPhone7 full black

Who is the iPhone 7 For ?

Apple iPhone 7 entered the world market with the bang. It all came up with the controversy regarding the headphone jack. Because this is the iPhone which is without headphone jack. It was only upgraded in accordance to hardware and the water resistivity. Rest it looks pretty the same as iPhone 6. I loved the design of iPhone.iphone 7 back coverdiPhone 7 delivers a unique experience among iPhones. Which is a good and a bad thing both. The new features in it are an incredible quad core processor, water resistance and crucially a 32GB stunning storage capacity. Which are all welcomed by the users.

Yahh !! and the excellent camera that had the perfect up gradation to make photos look much more better. This iPhone faces controversies regarding the removal of headphone jack. One can not charge it while enjoying songs. So this was the biggest drawback of this iPhone 7 in the market.

This iPhone 7 is basically for those users who wants to be perfect in camera photo shoots and in the design which suites best in hands. This is what I guess the maximum users of iPhone 7 wants.

Where Can You Get iPhone 7 From

iPhone 7 banged the market worldwide after the launch. It went over huge sale all around countries and is a success of iPhone 6. This iPhone 7 is a good product in iPhones as it gave much success to apple iPhones and changed the scenario of the apple smartphones with its better photo capturing quality and any more advance features. The best place you can get it from is.Apple iPhone on Amazon

Why is iPhone 7 The Best ?

let me explain you with an example that why is this iPhone 7 the best amongsts. We have all heard about the redmi cellphones.

Redmi phones cameras are great, of course iPhone is better but is the 6 more Redmi phones that I can get for 1 iPhone justifiable for such a difference in price? Well, absolutely yes.

iPhone camera is not just better, it is so much better than comparing them are like comparing an Alto with BMW, yes both have 4 wheels, both have AC, both can run at 100 kmph, but you know the difference.    Apple logo

The high price of iPhone is so justified by the sheer brilliance of camera it has. Sure it is just 12 MP, but the clarity, my o my!

Sure the battery is just about 2600 compared to 3500 of a Redmi, but it lasts longer than a Redmi.

I know I am comparing a low budget phone to a premium one, but there are so many people (I was one of them) who were not able to see the reason behind the steep price of iPhone.

I have been using a MacBook for 10 years and since my work depends on it, I need it, but a phone? Why? It is not a necessity like the laptop, it is just for calling and taking pics occasionally, and I have my DSLR for photography.

But I was so wrong, an iPhone is an iPhone. Once you use it, there is no turning back.

My last iPhone was a 4S and then since I love buying phones every 6 months, I shifted to Android (Redmi, Samsung, Honor) to satiate my hunger for new phones. All these phones are superb, no doubt, but once you use the iPhone 7, you know that the difference between these phones and iPhone 6s has got much bigger because of the camera.

And features like Airdrop (100 pics transferred from the phone to Mac book within 4-5 seconds) are so good if you are using both iPhone and Mac book.

Bottom line, iPhone 7 has jumped a big leap from the 6s and the 8 is almost similar. The X is double the price of a 7, so probably all things taken in account, the iPhone 7 is the best value for money among all phones in India.

iPhone 7 Pros

1. Dual Camera impresses.

2. Improved performance.

3. Innovative 3D Touch

4. Powerful Stereo Speakers.

5 Noticeable better display.

iPhone 7 cons

1. It is very expensive

2. Still only have full HD

3. No headphones jack is divisive.

4. Looks all most similar to iPhone 6.

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Final Overview

Apple have been there into the market for so long and really doing well with there products. The above mentioned iPhone is best to use. As it does give access to play mobile games on a high setting. And suits the best in hands. To know about how apple came up in smartphones go to – Apple Cell Phones Deals.

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    Wow . this is a phone that needs no further introduction indeed. your post is enticing as well. I have been a Samsung user ever since and never owned an iphone before. But i love the design of  an iPhone plus its cloud storage feature. this would solve the problem my problem of storage that i have. Hopefully an i phone will be next best think to consider.

    Thanks for sharing

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