Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite Reviews

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite Reviews

Samsung galaxy note 10 lite

 The ONLY problem with Galaxy Note line, that no one has escaping from, is a gigantic price tag yeah, Samsung’s making a fortune out of it each year. And they definitely want more, as in 2019 Galaxy Note family hit the expansion to slightly less premium class and the world’s got Galaxy Note10 Lite. Samsung has managed to find a delicate balance between lower price and capabilities of product itself?  I welcome you to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite Reviews .

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Unboxing

The part that stands for Lite in naming is first of all in the built of the body. If the original model was made of aluminum and glass, this guy’s got plastic back… gladly the front is still glass. You can see obvious signs of use, that tells us about not the highest wear resistance of lacquered plastic, but knowing how people love to protect everything, I do not think this is a big problem.

Samsung galaxy note 10 lite

After all, if cover from Ali Express costs 1  buck, why the hell not to use it? Despite the fact that plastic is lighter than glass, Note10 Lite doesn’t feel like a hollow cheap i.e. All thanks to the metal frame and a large battery that I’ll mention a bit later. I would also note that if to set against the older brothers, Lite has at least one prominent advantage – a headphone-jack. Well, the smartphone looks more modern from the back and not as trivial as Note 10, although in fact, I wouldn’t say that I like the new fashion for rectangular set of cameras. Samsung didn’t return the power button; the key on the right side will still enable a Bix by call if you hold it, but honestly,do people turn the smartphone off that often? So I don’t think that it will be a deal maker. Also, Type-C port acts here like USB 2.0,but not 3.1, as in… anything else apart from budget or Chinese phones. Regarding biometric sensors, here we havet he most… common…modern market decisions. For instance, if top Samsung smartphones use ultrasonic fingerprint reader, then Galaxy Note 10 Lite offers us the optical one. It works satisfactorily quickly, but apart from the speed, there is frankly nothing to complain about, and no headache with the screen-protection. The face recognition power lies inside the front camera, which is not the top notch technology, but Samsung enhanced its settings. You can toggle Faster recognition, Stay on Lock screen option, turn on the maximum screen brightness in case you cannot hit the fingerprint zone in the dark… and even more.


sg note ten lite 8

Another level down comparing with Galaxy Note 10 NOT Lite is the screen. If the big guy has Dynamic Amoled display,here Samsung is offering a 6.7-inch Super Amoled, which is technically the closest analogue to Note10+ in terms of size. The resolution here, also, is lower, FHD+ if you wonder… Of course you wonder; … but I’m grateful in any case. OKAY, remember that elder model has QHD+. Luckily, cause of the high screen quality,this difference feels not critical. The picture is seamless, without any graining,we found no separate pixels, and Pentile artifacts can be seen only in artificially created conditions and when examine at closer range. In short – the life with 394 DPI is surely safe and sound. The only thing this screen bows down to the latest Samsung developments is the maximum brightness, which is even visually lower than in Galaxy Note10.

sg note ten lite 5

In daily practice, even on a sunny day, the view from the screen of what soon is going to become a photo, is clear whether the sun is in front or behind my back. It definitely could be better but just for the sake of this I would rather not pay extra to get Galaxy Note 10+. In the list of screen settings, I frankly enjoyed the variety of things I can change:a blue-light filter – checked, a dark theme– checked, color correction options – checked; even, suddenly, the Edge menu. Why all of a sudden? Cause the screen is not a bloody water fall and this, IMHO, deserves a thumbs up. There is no option to deal with DC-Dimming, but I have good reasons to believe that it works by default, since PWM is not punching your eyes even at low brightness. There are gestures too, but honestly: we find Android buttons more attractive and user-friendly, so use it pretty much often. And also among the things that you can enable here is the increased sensitivity of the screen for more comfortable swiping with gloves on your arms.

Is it Better Or Not ?

Who would I be if I forgot to mention AOD? And who would Samsung be unless they include it here?! Its configuration is almost as flexible as in the flagships; all the basic settings are in place, except for, it seems, background pictures. The thing why some people would strongly prefer to buy exactly a smartphone from Galaxy Note series is an S-Pen. The one that slides out of Note 10 Lite knows 4096 pressure levels. By your leave, I won’t highlight all the magic this little wand can do. What I am going to share with you is basically what this particular S-Pen doesn’t have.

sg note ten lite 2

Apparently, there is no gyro scope in it for doing stylus gestures in media and camera kinda like in Happy Porret, so you can wave it until you lose your mind – nothing will happen. But BT is included, because device still know show to switch cameras, flip through photos and do other things with magic button. In short, I wouldn’t say that potential buyers will suffer form a bit cut functions of this Spen. Now, let me tell you about hardware. The smartphone is built on more than one-year-old Exynos 9810 chip, for you to understand, these brains are from Galaxy S9, but in our case the low-performance cores frequency is reduced by 100 MHz. Graphics stably remained Mali G72 MP18. There’re 6 or 8GB of RAM on choose, and 128 GB of storage in all variations, the standard of the memory is UFS 2.1. You can expand it only by sacrificing a second SIM card. As for the performance, the smartphone acts partially predictable, and partly – quite surprising. For example, if was expected that the general software is rocking highly quick here. Despite the fact that processor is not the freshest, it is not some crappy Media tek. However, I did not expect that modern games will be a piece of cake too. While playing WOT-Blitz even after 30 minutes I didn’t manage to throw the smartphone off the track. We started with 55-60 FPS, and kept with this number to the last. It’s hard for me to tell how long the music will play for this chip.

sg note ten lite 4

Perhaps it will remain relevant for a longtime, or maybe the excellent work will end up in a couple of months. In terms of heating, Note 10 Lite doesn’t need a long ceremony before getting warm. You may feel it even with everyday use, while watching YouTube or listening music. In order to feel the change in temperature of the body, it is enough to run ANTUTU test. But it will be still unlikely to flame up the phone. The only thing that could really warm this guy was a Throttling test, but frankly it’s what it has to do whatever it takes. Doesn’t matter, whether it’s 2 or 20 minutes of game play – situation will not change – the smartphone will remain just warm. Two years’ work on chip set optimization and SAMSUNG did a great job.

Battery Life 

sg note ten lite 6

The battery life with all this stuff is at least not bad, because with minimal effort, a full battery charge can give you up to two days of work. If you gonna use the smartphone actively, it won’t be easy to bring it down in a day. Actually, it’s not only because its processor is so easy-going, but also due to battery capacity, which is a record for Note series– 4,500 mAh, it’s 200 more than in Galaxy Note 10+.

Sound System

Time to talk about the sound. The good news – through headphones, the smartphone sounds nicely. Kind a tradition for SAMSUNG, there is as light enhance in warmth and smoothness, but otherwise, by the standards of smartphones,everything is decent. Plus, there is a small margin in a maximum volume, that should be enough for the smartphone to shout louder than almost any external noise, of course when used with appropriate headphones. Here comes the black line – the speaker is not so well here. The volume does its direct duties like ringing an incoming call and notification sound, but first of all, this doesn’t mean that the speaker is very loud, it’s just OK. Secondly, we can’t call it a pleasant sound– it’s harsh, choppy and squeaky.

Camera Performance

In general – we’ve heard better. Cameras have always been a strong side of Samsung’s flagships, but what about this guy? In total, everything is good, but Note 10 Lite cannot be called the best camera phone for its budget. Here’s why! To begin with,

sg n ote ten lite 3

There are three cameras in total! If telephoto one shoots seemingly as well as the main camera, then the ultra-wide lens is no match for it. The out coming photos from the latter one turn out to be blurry and in order to fix this, the contour sharpness is enhanced on all the shots, which makes them not natural. It is two times optical zoom in our case, it makes bright objects to glow slightly, but apart from this, I have nothing to complain about telephoto lens. The photos are clear that certainly is pleasing, which is especially important when zooming. The main camera doesn’t surprise with anything special, but it shoots well and, unlike some other brand smartphones, there are no traces of wild noise reduction and visual beauty enhancements, which is definitely good. There is a night mode in camera app and I recommend using it only with the main camera and ONLY in cases of very poor lighting or when you fight against in a dark. Otherwise, auto-mode works just as fine or even better. In fact, you will spend a lot less effort and time during the shooting.

samsung galaxy noye 10 lite camera

The technology is frankly the same as everywhere else – team work of enhanced-HDR and noise reduction. Unfortunately, the out coming pics cannot be called ideal, but in the case of this shot the phone’s made a real miracle by catching those details, that human eye couldn’t, so sometimes the feature really saves the situation. As for the video, the maximum resolution here is 4K and the phone shoots with software stabilization. I really missed these words on our channel! Apart from jerky switching between the lenses, I found no obvious flaws… besides, I love that switching in here! The picture is clear; some shakings are almost perfectly removed. Camera app has super stabilization option, that levels down the resolution of the image to 1080 p, but makes almost smooth clips even more smoother. When shooting on the go, this may not be so noticeable, but in more extreme situations, I’m sure the difference will be much significant. The front-facing camera is, alas, not the best in here. For some reason, the picture is lacking of clarity and sharpness that eventually leads to program trouble-shooting.

What is interesting – when recording UHD video, this is felt no longer, check this out by yourself. As you see, the program stabilization has its flaws, but everything else is just awesome ! I’d like to spare a lot of words about software, but One UI 2.0 is the same as we’ve seen many times before. I can say that the system works fast, without lagging… at least on my watch. However, it’s no wonder, cause the chip set here gave enough time and chances for developers to manage with all its drawbacks, so most half of the optimization job was done far before this smartphone has landed into the thoughts of designer. 

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Summarizing the stuff! On the first view, Galaxy Note10 Lite doesn’tlook like a tasty offer. The battery capacity is basically the only thing that is better than in Note 10. Smartphone looses in screen quality, old hardware,plastic back, down graded stylus and slower data transfe, if to imagine a butcher cutting out wings of chicken, it feels kind a the same for Note 10 Lite. However, what’s left from the flagship of 2019 costs nearly the same as other flagships of 2019 like Galaxy S10. You totally CAN find Note10 for the same price as Note10 Lite, but this would be refurbished phone. New one cost almost twice as much, and Note 10+ is even more expensive and Note 9 looks to be forgotten somewhere on market shelves, And has less powerful battery, and likely to stop getting software updates earlier than the hero of this review. Hope, you didn`t lost in Notes… In general, this is the phone for people who always needed S-pen, but had not enough wish to spend a lot of money. For you Samsung now has an offer, which you simply cannot refuse, even despite all its short comings. 

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  1. phillip says:

    Now this is what is being referred to when they are mentioning the next gen phones and devices because this is really the next big leap. I really like a lot more about the fact that the phone has taken everything with it from the little simple details to the overall presentation and the camera too and battery life. It is just like a complete packege to me. thanks so much for sharing here

  2. MaureyJay says:

    Samsung has been known for its excellent phone designs and Samsung Galaxy note 10 lite is no less of the quality. The only off I have about it Is the price, it’s really expensive, but on a very serious note, the phone is worth every penny charged for it. I’ve not gotten a Note 10 lite for myself, but I really do hope the battery can be more encouraging than that of some previous models. Thanks

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    Let me start by thinking you for this great article, I found it very interesting and useful. I’m not an usual user of Samsung phone, but I know they are great deals and usually worth money spending. If I ever decide to try one out I will absolutely think of your website as a reference.

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